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The Oslo Players


The Oslo Players is an English-speaking drama group open to people of all nationalities. The group's aim is to produce theatre in English and to developgroup and individual potential. The group meets regularly for workshops which give training in various aspects of theatrical productions, as well as working towards productions. The group also has an excellent international and social atmosphere with regular social activities, such as trips to the theatre, visits to the cinema, cabin trips (this is very Norwegian) as well as frequent informal get-togethers and parties. Just the place to make friends for life!


In the summer of 1990, three students formed The Oslo Shakespeare Playersin order to produce Shakespeare's play Cymbeline in English. The play wasnever produced, but so many eager people turned up at the first information meeting that the group was a fact. Renamed The Oslo Players, the group set about producing their first play, Another Place, written for the group by A. Raymond Barnes, one of the group's founders. When the play was done, in March 1991, the members were eager for more. Thus were born the Shakespeare Evenings, celebrations of Shakespeare's birthday (on April 23rd) a concept so successful that it was repeated twice the same year and annually ever since.


After The Oslo Players had been in operation for about a year, the group had grown so extensive that a more democratic administration was needed. Thus was born The Oslo Players' Constitution, and the Executive Committee, elected every year at the AGM. The Committee has seven members: the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Administrator and three non-titular members. An Electoral Committee takes care of nominations before the AGM to ensure that all positions will be filled.

This may sound very bureaucratic, but it is actually a great advantage for continuity and the running of the group to have people who take care of booking rooms and venues, planning workshops and activities and mailing out information to all members!

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