The Oslo Players
Current Members

(Autumn 2001 - Spring 2002)

Anne Kari Sorknes   mail
Annika Bysveen   mail
Annika Malmø   mail
Berit Hovda   mail
Bjørn Larsen   mail
Bjørn Tore Elvedal   mail
Camilla FahlstrÝm   mail
Elisabeth Alnes
Espen Alme Ellingsen   mail
Esperanza Montero Latorre   mail
Frode A. Nordal   mail
Hanne Fageraas   mail
Hilde Sjølset   mail
Kai Frost   mail
Karin Afeef   mail
Katja Blixrud   mail
Katrine Myra   mail
Leiv Hodne   mail
Maya MohammadAli   mail
Randi Vedeld   mail
Robindra Prabhu
Roderick Craig   mail
Ruth Vilnes   mail
Tor Even Ramberg
Tore Jan Narvestad   mail
Ådne Skarphedin Brunborg   mail

Cristina Pulido Ulvang   mail
Erling Mork   mail
Nils Helge Brobakk   mail
Tone Habberstad
A. Raymond Barnes   mail
Ine Gundersveen   mail

Honorary President
Mary Constable

Members 2000 - 2001
Members 1999 - 2000

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