Concept and Direction by David Allen

"You speak like a green girl, unsifted in such perilous circumstance"

This is spoken by her father, which could lead us to conclude, she is nothing of the kind.

This laboratory piece explores some different possibilities in the character and relationships of Ophelia, looking at aspects of guilt and suffering. Historically, Ophelia has been portrayed as a pretty and obedient, weak woman, bending under the pressure of her family. In this piece, we aim to focus more on Ophelia's own mind, her stubbornness and strength, and make her a truer person.

Come and bring an open mind.

Teaterscenen, Chateau Neuf
14th May 8.00pm
15th May 8.00pm
16th May 8.00pm
18th May 8.00pm
19th May 8.00pm

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