Spring The Oslo Players production
April 22-26, 2002
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adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs

The Show is over !!
(Now bugger off home !!!)

The Production of Wyrd Sisters was a great success, and the cast and crew wish to thank everyone
that came to see the play, making it a memorable experience.

Special thanks goes to:
Håvve Fjell and Pain Solution for excellent cooperation with the venue
Stephen Briggs for letting us use the Hedgehog Song and various other bits
Pål Søvik for lighting equipment
Our fannish friends, especially Christina Walsttad Pulido, Johannes Berg
and Inge Carlén, for spreading the word
Legio XV for the guards armour
Sindre Cols Berg, Katrine Myra, Camilla Fahlstrøm, Christian Fahlstrøm,
Anna Marie Frost and Rasmus Haraldsen for lending us props and costumes
Konsis Grafisk for excellent help on printing our posters and postcards
Our sponsors Avalon and Tiden, for their support.

The Oslo Players is an amateur theatre group, and no one participating in the production, neither cast nor crew, is a professional, working for nothing but the sheer fun (or heck) of it.

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