The Oslo Players
Props and Stuff

This is an incomplete list of TOP's possessions.

In Bjørn Tore and Charlotte's basement
1 black hat
1 brown hat
1 green hat w/glass ornaments
bottom half of uniform cap

1 green long thick dress w/gold band (Opera origin)
1 red uniform-ish jacket w/gold trim (Opera)
2 black knee-length trousers 
1 black w/golden stripes knee-length trousers
2 blue trousers (Opera)

3 stage-knives
1 black horse mask
1 brown beard
1 big gray bowtie
1 white lace collar
1 long yellow plait/pigtail
4 small orangey tassels
1 plastic pearl necklace
some bandages
a few meters of white metal-strip/band
1 tiny white spotlight
3 extra bulbs to the above
1 reel of yellow thread
1 belt-pouch
1 modified scarf
1 glass tea-light holder

Gobbo's (S2k) head and coat

glue gun w/assorted glues

Make up: most of the fridge-needy stuff

10 of Tennesse Williams' 
  A Streetcar Named Desire, Sweet Bird of Youth and Glass Menagerie

At Chateau Neuf
Lights: 4 spots and 1 wide, some power leads
Quite a few costumes
Diverse props

At Katja and Kai's
Coconut-fat (make-up remover)

At Hilde's
Red beard

At Tore Jan's
TOP's stereo
Sound Effects CD's

At Karianne and Rolf-Vidar's
"The TOP library", consisting of about 
5 of Peter Scheaffer's 
  The Public Eye 
5 of G. B. Shaw's 
A number of Shakespeare plays
And some others

One fake oriental rug

At Ine's parents'
Mariah's dress from Twelfth Night  (black w/hat and veil)

TOP t-shirts (unknown number)

Big red sunhat (from our first production)