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Peter   Susan   Edmund   Lucy
The avatars are grouped according to theme and put in different folders.
Choose a folder and look at the avatars offered under that theme. File sizes and names are provided.

Some of the (six) children together
Children together with others
The White Witch
Other people/characters
Various castles
The Lamp-post in the forest
Other places or items

If you would like to use the avatar at a message forum like "When MT is down ..." (works for Internet Explorer):
Right-click on the picture and choose Properties.
Copy Location (URL) and use it as the address of the avatar at the discussion forum, in Control panel for avatars, where it says,
Link to avatar at a different server: Write in the address of your avatar

Peter   Susan
Edmund   Lucy

These avatars were made by the signature 'Alyosha' (previously named 'Mossflower') at NarniaWeb
She also posts her graphics on photobucket
I've got her permission to offer them for use on other discussion fora.
No credit to her is required.

It says about the list files:
"This HTML document was produced with a Freeware program called HTML Imager v1.2a
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These facts are not up to date. See the new address instead: Fookes Software

At "When MT is down ..." there is a size limit for the avatars:
Max width is 100 pixels, and max height is 100 pixels. Max file size is 15 KB.

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