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some starting points for your own excavations.
These resources are aimed at believers in Jesus.



Berit Kjos   (USA) - World Order watch plus Bible studies.   Essential on Education / Home schooling.
Sound Doctrine - Good and sound, too. (Baptist)
CROSS+WORD  / Banner Ministries, England --   Sober and competent lady.
Deception- can that be legal? - Discernment articles
Despatch Magazine (Australia) -   Do they carry New Age religion and New Order politics in the lower hemisphere too?

The Cutting Edge - they cut deeply into Zeitgeist and political manipulation.
EASTWOOD -   Watching new UNified religion in the cauldron...
Way of Life - D.Cloud - Big resource in Baptist viewpoints. The notes 'everybody' link to.
Saints Alive in Jesus - Cults, Mormonism, Satanism ....
Reformation Online - Not only Luther and his theses!
EIPS: Dr. Paisley - Protestants who actually do.

Biblical Discernment - sorting out fern-seeds and elephants. Various subjects. Discernment notes.
Bible Believers - Biblical Fundamentals. Good starting place.
Bible Believers - more of them....  
A Love I Could Not Deny by Diane Dew. She covers various topics.

Dial-the-Truth Ministries - with some concise, useful introductions.
The Second Coming - (don't miss it for all the world!) ...
Very extensive coverage of important subjects.   Look for classic lectures: "WAR OF THE AGES".
Jesus Christ is the ONLY Way to God - evangelisation and discussions


--- And some related subjects: ---

Chick Publications - Tracts, books, online reading.

The unhappy concept of HATE CRIME - Who are the judgmental of attitude?   (Throw them to the lions!)



Some sites listed here may accidentally offer misconceptions in parts, or slight superstitions,
but are generally found concerned for truth and very useful. Use your own powers of discernment if you have.
Contrary to popular opinion, the Truth is NOT equal to the arithmetic average of every opinion, news headline, guess and superstition you have encountered along your path of life.
"Yea, let God be true, but every man a liar"     (Romans 3:4)   - and yet:
"I have more understanding than all my teachers ; for Thy testimonies are my meditation."     (Psalm 119:99)


Anne K. Sorknes
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