When Baby Jesus got H.R.H. Santa for bedfellow

What reason for the season?

Are there some sinister aspects of the traditional celebration of "Christmas"?

- Do we mean the commercialization of the season?
Worries about this aspect of Christmas are often applauded as wise words.
But what about the paganism that is deeply grounded in our old traditions?

Is Baby Jesus really that much touched and grateful for having inherited a gluttony and revelry feast from the pagan sun god and Norse gods, to share it with Santa and nature spirits like elves and gnomes?

Do sensitive people feel something spooky radiating from the Christmas tree, as a Norwegian author suggested?

After having investigated the sources for a while, we very much doubt whether this cult mixture is suited for honoring JESUS
- if this was the purpose?

Some links dealing with this topic:

CHRISTMAS: Somebody's Cooked Your Goose!
«As we hear yet again the annual lament that the Christian aspects of the festival have taken second place, let us pause to wonder if this is because Christmas is, after all, a pagan festival.»

The Spirit "behind" Christmas

Should a Christian Celebrate Christmas?
.... also discussing Christmas Carols



PS: Disclaimer:

No, we do not - not at all - belong to the cult you're thinking about - the one who has almost made criticism of Christmas its trade mark.
As you know, these have a defective doctrine about Jesus himself. But there can be no harm in competing with their boldness?
In the sixties and seventies, by the way, they were also the only ones voicing any criticism against Darwin and the evolution theory, a dogma which other church people were not very willing to risk challenging. You had to guard your professional reputiation, hadn't you?

If you read American fundamental websites from the Bible Belt, you'll see that criticism of Christmas is not such an exclusive topic today.

But:  If you take the Christmas tree away from the average festival observer, he is ready for fight.


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