One of my favorite writers of Narnian fanfiction writes as 'elecktrum' on
She writes mostly about Narnia's Golden Age, the years when the four Pevensies reigned as Kings and Queens from the four thrones at Cair Paravel - a period that C.S. Lewis left largely open.

Here's a list - posted with her approval - of her Narnian stories, following the chronological order of events. Comments are from her profile at I hope you'll enjoy her stories as much as I do.

elecktrum's Narnian fanfiction - a chronology
I have a habit of writing stories out of order and jumping around from beginning to end both in individual stories and in the overall alternate universe Iíve created. If it helps, the order for the stories written thus far is:

Oreius reflects upon his new kings.

Wherein Edmund has put his hoof in his mouth, Phillip gives riding and philosophy lessons, and the first rain in a century comes to Narnia.

The Conscience of the King
In the aftermath of the Battle of Beruna, many people have forgotten that Edmund was not the only traitor in Narnia. General Oreius, however, is not one of them.

The Most Noble Order of the Table
A tale of how King Edmund the Just became Sir Edmund, Knight of the Order of the Table.

Black Dwarfs, Blue River
Relating the story of King Edmund's first diplomatic success, how he learned a craft, and why his older brother is known throughout the Black Dwarf clan as Nancy.

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Into the West
A year after the Battle of Beruna, a horrible curse Jadis set upon Edmund is awoken and Peter must journey into the Western Wild in order to save him

They Also Serve
A companion piece to my story 'Into the West' from Edmund's point of view. As Peter journeys westwards on his quest, Edmund must endure both Jadis' curse and the pain of being left behind.

Set during 'They Also Serve,' this tells of Oreius' thoughts and fears as he races into the Western Wild to find King Peter. Written for acacia59601.

The Good Brother
Laid low by pneumonia following his return from the Western Wild, Peter learns exactly how much he depends upon Edmund as a king, friend, and brother.

Neville the Chamberlain
The adventure of a less-than-bright Hyena, his sword-happy Mouse friend, and a sarcastic Opossum, set against a court without a chamberlain and a High King in hot water with his family.

Before her reign in Narnia the White Witch made certain promises to the Ettin Giants in return for their services. When the Ettin crown prince comes to collect it's not Jadis who pays the price for deceit, but Peter.

A Blessing of Rain
In the aftermath of 'Thole' a wedding, a drought, and a brother who is far too quiet all weigh heavily on Edmund's mind.

The White Armor Ball
On Christmas Eve valor is tested, gifts are given, and an ancient Narnian tradition is renewed.

Were It Not For You
Beauty, I have learned since coming to Narnia, is not a thing to be judged on the surface. A pretty face and winning ways can hide an evil heart, and good conduct does not automatically equate to good intent. . .

In the Lap of the Gods
If you were offered a chance to learn about the future, would you take it?

Eye of the Beholder
Told from various points of view, this is the story of two battles: one against a ruthless enemy, the other to save the life of the High King.

On a perfect day in a golden age, a Gentle Queen guards her brotherís sleep.

The Voyage of Dawn Treader
At the end of a day of sailing, King Edmund tells the tale as to why Caspian's ship bears the name of Dawn Treader.

On the Nature of Wishes
Wishes are dangerous things, far trickier than most people think, which is why theyíre so rare. So what would happen if someone wasnít careful of what he wished for?

Passing Down the Crown
Peter helped to put Caspian on the throne of Narnia, but at what cost to himself?

The Promise of Life
They were too old to return to Narnia, or so Peter told them. But was that the whole truth?

When We Were Kings
What changes hath Narnia wrought upon Eustace Clarence the Un-Dragoned?

And So the End Begins
A week before the fatal train accident, Edmund experiences a loss that only his brother can understand.

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At the suggestion of one of my readers, I've compiled a glossary of all the original characters running about my stories. It's far too long to post here, but if anyone would like a copy please just send me an email or a PM and I'll gladly send it along.

Lately quite a few people have been 'borrowing' characters and characteristics and habits I've developed in my stories for their own. Generally I'm very free with people using my stuff, but I do ask that you contact me first. I put a lot of time and thought and effort into my little universe and I prefer to know who's playing in my sandbox. It's not asking too much to seek permission before you use something that's not yours.

If you want to send elecktrum an email or a PM, you can do so from her profile page on (where you'll also find my WiseQueen account).
Posted with permission.
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