Claws and Regulations

of The Norwegian-Narnian Friendship Society

(with international amendments)


The (international) name of the Society shall be 'The Norwegian-Narnian Friendship Society' .

The aim of the Society is to promote Narnian ideals, and to work for an increase in the contact and cultural exchange between the two countries (or other associated bodies).

The Society seeks to achieve its aim by:

  • Gatherings of like- / better-minded people.
  • Administration of projects that are relevant to the aims of the Society.
    - including: providing special Narnian guestworkers with Norwegian permits and legal documents, and getting season tickets for commuters between Norway and Narnia.
  • Supplying grants to Applied Wardrobe Research.
Membership (changed).
(Norwegian physical or virtual) membership is open to anyone who will support the aim of the Society.
(On the same conditions non-Norwegians may become virtual members.)

The following categories will not be accepted into the Society:

  • personal nihilists and occultists
  • slave traders
  • theological obscurantists
  • sedate bureacrats
  • liberal school reformists and rabiate modernists
    Note: Former Calormenes may only be accepted into the Society after passing a portal test.
(Norwegian physical) members pay the current membership fee, preferably in Narnian "Lions" or "Trees". Calormene currency will not be accepted. (Virtual membership is free of charge.)
Talking Beasts will be allowed half rate after passing a microphone test.

System of government and governing bodies.
The Society has a Leontocratic system of government and mode of operations.

The Board of Representatives is the claw-issuing and executive body of the Society. It consists of 1 to 4 Ancient Kings and Queens. The order of succession is testamentary and complimentary.

The Parliament of Owls is the advisory and owlracular body of the Society. It consists of sufficiently owlish members, and is co-opting (usually opts for bats).

The Society shall as far as possible attempt to assume a neutral position in the schism between Chronologists and Publicists.

The Great Lion of the Society has the right to appear and to roar at society meetings.

Meetings should preferably be appended to gatherings of compatible societies, in parasitizing mode.
This is an effort to create a more efficient distribution structure of ambulatory submersible infusion units of tea-istical essence.

Deplorable words must not be uttered during society meetings.
If any doubt arises, the Board of Representatives gives guidelines for assessment of deplorabilities. The Board assumes responsibility towards the Lion for the updating and safekeeping of the list of deplorable words. Any unsuitable use of the list will be censured.


Anne K. Sorknes
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