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[Arachnophilia] Arachnophilia (
HTML editor which requires that you know HTML, but gives you buttons, keyboard macros etc. to key in the code more easily.

Eric Fookes HTML Imager (
Produces web pages showing all GIF and JPG pictures from the directory you select.
Very useful when you've picked up free graphics and put it in the artist's folder on your disk - gives you one document where you can look at all the images to check what's in each name.

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URLcook "cooks" URL-encoded data (in the form of: name=value&anothername=anothervalue&so+on=etc). Most of the time you receive this kind of data if you set up an HTTP form which uses the "mailto:address" action. URLcook allows you to decode (cook) that half-baked URL-encoded data and get "prepared", decoded data instead.

FTP-program for uploading your pages to your server. Free light version for private use (commercial version also available).


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