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A few pixels on color physics

Do you use background colors on your pages?
Have you noticed that the same RGB color code gives different colors on different machines?
Different browsers interpret colors differently, and some older machines have to change your choice of color to its nearest equivalent. Sometimes this causes a pattern to appear, and the text may become hard to read on your background color.
Only 216 colors are safe on any system and will ensure readability.
Pick the codes from my browser-safe color cube! (Your browser must be able to show background colors in table cells.)
Different screens will be calibrated differently, though, and there isn't much you can do about that - not even by sticking to safe colors.

Read more about what Lynda has got to say about browser-safe colors or Non-Dithering Colors in Browsers:

If you prefer background graphics rather than plain colors on your pages, go see whether my free background tiles suit your tastes.


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About hand-held computers

Look at my Psionist Page.


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If you like using JavaScript, here is an example - with a link to the original source.
Use this chance to feed a hungry polar bear.

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