The Chronicles of Narnia

In C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia we meet children from our own world who end up, under various circumstances, in a different world: Narnia. In Narnia they meet talking animals, fauns, centaurs, unicorns, and other slightly mythological creatures. And they meet Aslan - he who brought them into that world, because of the need for them there and then, and who provides support when they try to help out in critical situations.


(Beyond the Wardrobe)

The Magician's Nephew

So why on earth did Polly accept that magical ring? Uncle Andrew had tricked her into trying it on, and now she had suddenly vanished from the room. As Digory always said later - going after her was the only thing he could possibly have done.

Together the two children find strange and unknown worlds, and they witness the creation of a completely new world - Narnia.


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter are hiding in a wardrobe, and walk through it into a different world - into a Narnia which has been conquered by the White Witch. She terrorizes the country and keeps it in a state of perpetual winter.

Prophesies have said that four children from our world will play a decisive role in the fight against the witch. And then there are rumours saying Aslan is on the move - perhaps has already landed ....


The Horse and his Boy

Do all people have a double? Shasta actually met his - a prince of Archenland, on a visit to Calormen in the company of the Narnian court. Shasta himself was a poor orphan, running away (together with Bree the horse) from his foster-father, who was planning to sell him as a slave. But even with such a difference in their backgrounds, the two boys liked each other straight away.

Queen Susan of Narnia thought that she could safely turn down the offer of marriage from her Calormene suitor, Prince Rabadash. But soon she has to flee as well, in order not to be held back as a slave.

Shasta's fellow fugitive, Aravis, who also is fleeing from an unwanted marriage, overhears Prince Rabadash planning to use his army to take revenge. Archenland and Narnia must be warned of the impending danger. But who will get there first, the fugitives or the enemy?


Prince Caspian

All his life Prince Caspian has loved the stories about the Old Days, when Dwarfs, Fauns, and Talking Beasts had not yet disappeared from Narnia - and about the Golden Years, when four Kings and Queens from a different world ruled the country.

But (like his predecessors throughout several generations) his uncle, King Miraz, who is a usurper and a tyrant, wants these "fairy-tales" to be forgotten.

Then one day the King has a son of his own, and Prince Caspian has to flee for his life. But there is help at hand. Perhaps Old Narnia hasn't disappeared so completely after all - perhaps even King Peter the Great might come back to a Narnia in distress?


The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

The ship in the picture was such a very Narnian ship, and it made Lucy and Edmund long to go back to Narnia - away from their nasty cousin Eustace, whom they have to stay with for the summer.

Eustace teases them and refuses to believe in their country. "What's so special about that stupid picture?" he asks. "It seems so real," Lucy answers.

And suddenly the picture has become real indeed - very soon all three of them find themselves in deep water beside the ship.


The Silver Chair

In Narnia the old, unhappy King Caspian has given up hope of ever seeing his son again. Prince Rilian disappeared ten years ago, while he was hunting the snake that killed his mother. Many of Narnia's bravest inhabitants have set out to search for him, but noone has yet returned from the search.

Eustace and Jill are summoned by Aslan and given the task of finding the Prince. They get four signs to help them in their quest, but their companion, Puddleglum the Marshwiggle, is not impressed with the attention they pay to these signs.

And time is running short - there are those who have made plans of their own, both for Prince Rilian and for Narnia ....


The Last Battle

For years and years Narnia had not had a visit from Aslan, but at last there is word that he has been seen in the woods. Roonwit, the wise Centaur, is not so sure - he has seen no signs to predict the coming of the Great Lion, so can this possibly be a true Aslan?

King Tirian is getting close to the terrifying truth, and he manages to summon Jill and Eustace to his aid. But the enemy's power is overwhelming. Tirian and the children have to prepare for their last battle - and Narnia's as well.

(The Narnian Chronicles)


Anne K. Sorknes
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