Invitation to Membership of

The Norwegian-Narnian Friendship Society


The Norwegian-Narnian Friendship Society has noted that you are interested in Narnia and hereby invites you to become a member. (For Norwegians a Norwegian membership is available.) The aim of the Society is "to promote Narnian ideals, and to work for an increase in the contact and cultural exchange between the two countries (or other associated bodies)." (You may want to read the complete Claws and Regulations as well.)

In order to be accepted as a member, you have to fill in the form below and send it to the Society. We will then register your name in the Hnau-tional Register.

We are hoping to hear from you!

The Board of Representatives.


Fill in this form and send it to the society.

Please accept me as a member.

In the Hnau-tional Register I want to be listed as follows:
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(Include e.g. your name, nick-name, homepage URL and/or e-mail address.)

Please give us your e-mail address as well: (do not hit return)

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When you've sent us the form, you're entitled to a membership plaque.


Anne K. Sorknes
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