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Series 3C As long as it was working, my Psion Series 3C was a good friend.

It used to reside in a metal pencil-box - not trying to be fancy, but because the metal would stop the magnetic field around the machine's speaker from destroying the credit cards in my handbag. (Take care when you buy a box, though - not all models are wide enough to take the Series 3C!)

In the end, though, the connection between the screen and the main machine was damaged, causing the picture on the screen to be unreadable. I've had to move on ...

If you find a good second-hand one which is still working, the information here may still be of some value.

Try out Psion PLC's website -
PSION (they provided the Series 3C photos).

You could also try Psion Incorporated at their website

lenker lenker lenker

Links to other useful resources:

Steve Litchfield runs the 3-Lib Home Page

Series 3C Tim's Psion Psite gives a guided tour of how to use a Psion Series 3C (

Psion Galore or Daniel Pfund's PSION World

Daniel Pfund also runs The Psioneers Web Ring

Do you read Norwegian?

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