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The Cottage by the Lamp-post in the Wood

If you read Norwegian: Jeg har også en norsk versjon av siden - og et norsk Narnia-diskusjonsforum

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[picture of the Lamp-post] In the Wood at the Border of Reality there is a lamp-post.
As a wanderer in the wood you find this strange. You stop and look around.
A cottage is partly hidden behind the fir trees.
Do enter! You're very welcome!

(door) How nice of you to pay a visit! Have you been here before? In any case I assume you would want to have a look around the cottage. There are lots of doors for you to open, and the odd picture to look at as well (thanks to various sources) - and then the furniture is rather interesting!
If you think the outside scenery reminds you of somewhere, that's only natural here in the Wood at the Border of Reality, if you've ever been to Narnia, that is. Try the door of the wardrobe - it will take you to The Norwegian Narnian Friendship Society.

You probably wonder who your hostess is? Try the door marked PRIVATE. My normal residence is in Norway, but I often spend part of my holidays in England with friends I met while I did my teacher training. I also often go to Sweden on holiday.

[philosophy] [religious belief and thinking] [literature] [bookshelf with books] Do look into the cottage library! You'll find lots of interesting topics behind those glass doors. On the uppermost shelf there are books on philosophy. Below you'll find further writings on religious belief and thinking, including some selections from the Bible - both on the birth of Christ and on other themes.
Here in the Wood at the Border of Reality literature plays an important part. I suppose I'm especially concerned with children's literature, thus making my library fairly suitable for families. Another topic that concerns me is the respect for human life.

[computers] [my own writings] [my own writings] (desk) Over in that corner is the desk with my computer. I like to do some writing of my own when there is time, especially on fantasy. This is where you'll find the visitors' book as well. If you give me your address, I can add it to my hand-held computer afterwards.
I enjoy finding useful things to use computers for (like for instance offering free background tiles for web pages). Did it ever strike you that you can use computers to get closer to the border of reality? And on what side of that border would Cyberspace be then?


Anne K. Sorknes
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