The Oslo Players
Previous Productions

  21-24.3.91   Another Place   A. Raymond Barnes
  23.4.91   An Evening of Shakespeare   William Shakespeare
  22.6.91   A Midsummernight's Shakespeare   William Shakespeare
  3-4.9 + 19.9.91   An Afternoon at the Seaside   Agatha Christie
  6.9.91   "The International Happening Concert"   Various sketches
  12.10.91   Shakespeare in the Church   William Shakespeare
  29.11.91   Valley Forgery
  (this was a workshop, not an actual production)
  Patricia Montley
  3+10.12.91   The Dreaming of the Bones/Purgatory   W. B. Yeats
  20-21.3.91   Twelfth Night   William Shakespeare
  23.4.92   The Oslo Players Celebrate Shakespeare   William Shakespeare
  Sept.92   Shakespeare at International Forum   William Shakespeare
  5-7.10.92   An Evening of Tennessee Williams   Tennessee Williams
  4.6.93   Four Seasons of Shakespeare   William Shakespeare
  8-12.11.93   Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead   Tom Stoppard
  13-16.4.94   And Then There Were None   Agatha Christie
  24.4.94   A Celebration of Shakespeare   William Shakespeare
  12-16.94   A Girl's Guide to Chaos   Cynthia Heimel
  28.3-5.4.95   The Real Inspector Hound/After Magritte   Tom Stoppard
  23.4.95   To My Beloved, Mr. William Shakespeare   William Shakespeare
  30.10-2.11.95   Terra Nova   Ted Tally
  30.11-10.12.95   The Nativity: medieval mystery plays   Trad.
  25-29.03.96   The Hostage   Brendan Behan
  28.4.96   Heroes in Shakespeare   William Shakespeare
  2-3.8.96   Star Wash   The Oslo Players
  15.10.96   The Importance of Being Earnest   Oscar Wilde
  17-21.3.97   The Tempest   William Shakespeare
  10.5.97   The Shakespearience   William Shakespeare
  18-20.12.97   Beauty and the Beast   The Oslo Players
  13-15.5.98   learmachine   William Shakespeare
  3-5.12.98   Passion Play   Peter Nichols
  23.4.99 / 26.4.99 / 11.5.99   Friends with Shakespeare   William Shakespeare / The Oslo Players
  11-13.10.99   Love for Love   William Congreve
  31.3, 2+8.4.2000   Shakespeare 2000 (S2k)   William Shakespeare / The Oslo Players
  21-25.11.2000   A Midsummer Night's Dream   William Shakespeare
  23,25+26.4.2001   ShakesPoweR   William Shakespeare/The Oslo Players
  15-17+18.5.2001   Ophelia   William Shakespeare/David Allen
  12-16.11.2001   Under Milk Wood   Dylan Thomas
  22-26.04.2002   Wyrd Sisters   Terry Pratchett/Stephen Briggs
  18-22.11.2002   Audience   Michael Frayn

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