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Are my children  State Property  ?

«.... So we have to ask ourselves two questions: 1) Are my children God's or "Cæsar's"? And 2) Is God asking me to relinquish, present, or hand my children over to the state for any reason or in any area?
Under God's authority and direction, I and my husband are the ones, on earth, that God has placed to be in charge of our children's education. The state has not. Period. Nowhere in Scripture does God ever even come close to giving anyone but parents (and church) any kind of authority in this area. And I will not hand over to the state this right or responsibility.

If I were required to have someone other than a person I knew and trusted test my children, or if I were required by state law to submit my lesson plans to anyone for their approval, I would not do so. I could not do so because God has not given them the authority to do this.»

(Barb Shelton in "Obeying the Law, Testing, & "Qualifying" to Homeschool" at

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