Come to Norway!


There are only four million Norwegians - you're very welcome to visit us. We can't promise you any polar bears in the streets, though, only stuffed ones in the shops - but then not always stuffed toys!

polar bear cub
Cyber adoption
So you'd like to adopt a cuddly bear like this one?
At the moment you'll have to go and get it yourself, and come to an agreement with its parents - but then it is worth the bother, don't you think?

Feed a hungry polar bear
If you like using JavaScript, here is your chance to feed a hungry polar bear.

snflak snflak snflak

Various resources

I have found a general link to resources about Norway at

map of Lofoten
Go to northern Norway by air and look down to see Lofoten.

map of Ålesund
Visit Ålesund Reiselivslag - The web-pages of Ålesund Tourist Board, Norway:


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