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(...) many of the best fantasy books had traditionally been published and sold for children, presumably on the basis that children are interested in nursery stuff like courage, heroism, adventure and the possibility of changing the world for the better (whereas adults are grown-up - and perhaps prefer reading about adultery).
(Terry Pratchett)

.... let's pull that word "eccentric" into this picture .... The literal meaning is "off center." What then is the "center" of our culture? What is its focus? What is it aiming at? (....) Self, Youth, Beauty and Knowledge pretty much sum it up.
In light of that, would you rather be "centric" in our culture's eyes, or .... are you eccentric?
I'm eccentric, and I have no plans pending for any rehabilitation programs.

(Barb Shelton in "Are you eccentric?" at

"Cogito, ergo sum."
In English:
I think I am ....

Nihil tam absurdum dici potest ut non dicatur a philosopho.
- Nothing is so absurd that a philosopher could not have said it.



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