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From the browser-safe color cube:

Background tiles free for downloading

"Browser-safe" background tiles
There is a limited choice of browser-safe background colors. On these pages you'll find gif tiles in intermediate colors to be used as downloadable background graphics. They widen the choice a little bit past the unmixed browser-safe colors. The tables will show you the relations between the colors.
The tiles consist of a mixture of the two colors they sit between (using additive mixing as in pointillism). They are tentatively browser-safe and should not in theory cause any extra dithering in your browser.
But then pointillism is in itself a kind of dithering. We introduce a self-determined dithering, where we retain some more control over the look of the page. Testing is necessary to find the tiles that give the least unwanted pattern in the colors - this varies from tile to tile - and that make the text most clear.
The diagram uses the middle layer of the cube (which gives soft colors), with the tiles sitting on the same level as the colors.

Free for downloading
Feel free to download these background tiles for use on your own site, personal or non-personal. Don't try to direct-link here - for one thing, it's not polite to grab server capacity which other people are paying for, and secondly, the web hotel host makes sure that it doesn't work. Download the tiles and put them on your own server.
In return I would like you to link to this page to show where you got the tiles from. Don't add them to a collection, but send people here to get their own. Use the link button or a text link to:
Anne's Tiles

How does the cube work?
Just like in the complete cube you can click a button to try a new background color - the RGB code will be shown in the status window.
The squares without a button don't give any new background color. They contain the gif tiles (when these are not next to the button). The status window shows the code for the browser-safe colors the tiles sit between. (If you do click them, you'll go to the default button, which gives you the default color back.)


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The clothes line with quilted blankets comes from Mousepad - go get it from her site, don't take it from here.
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