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Here you will find links and links pages to different types of web resources.

color cube Browser-safe color cube
Use my color cube to try out background colors that won't look funny in other browsers.

. Free background tiles
I've made some background tiles which are free to download (as linkware). Help yourself!

zoo icon Links to free graphics
I myself find graphics pages useful for trying out new sites, and I think a lot of other people do as well. Credit links for graphics I'm actually using, are found on the page where it's used (read about how to give credits!).

. Links to services for webmasters
Web hosting, free email accounts ....

arachnophilia Links to good programs
These are links to useful computer programs for webmasters.

esheep Links to other useful resources
These resources include sites for e-cards, screensavers, web themes .... and also interesting personal sites.

The Narnian Circle Web rings
This is a list of the web rings I belong to (and haven't just queued up for). The actual ring codes and graphics are to be found on the page belonging to each ring, according to its theme.

wreath Awards and gifts
Some people have given me awards or gifts - I'm really grateful! (Even an e-mail telling me what you like about my site - if you do - will be appreciated!)

Norwegian Norwegian resource pages
Most of my resource pages are available in Norwegian versions.


Perhaps you find my site useful and want to bookmark it as one of your web resources?
If so, please link to me at - using my link button

- or feel free to use this banner (also available in different colours).



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