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[selfportrait - poster art] Some bits of my story:

My profession is teaching, but at present I'm employed in office work. For several years I worked at IKO - Church Educational Centre. Now I work at Menneskeverd - the largest Norwegian pro life organisation.

Part of my job has been developing the database application for our address lists. I've really enjoyed the computer programming courses I've been doing at university. I like finding useful jobs to use computers for - workwise they are a very important part of my world! Over the last few years, using them for maintaining my website has become an important hobby (which has earned me some awards and gifts).

[Norwegian postal stamp] Physically, Norway is my world. I grew up in the countryside in the southern part of the country, but now I've been living in the capital, Oslo, for several years. As a student I spent a year in England, and I've been back on holiday several times to visit English friends I made at university.

I have declared myself to be a philosophically minded literature-lover (I have started a Norwegian literature web-ring - Norske Lesehester). If you like books too, maybe you share my interest in Lewis Carrol, J.R.R. Tolkien, or C.S. Lewis - or perhaps in Shakespeare's plays. I've been the treasurer of The Oslo Players (you can find their homepage at, who have performed plays by Shakespeare and other authors. Their newsletter, The Player, asked me ten questions in their April/May-98 issue. I like writing, only there isn't always much time for making my own texts.

If you read Norwegian and want to find out more about my employers,
you'll find IKO at and Menneskeverd at

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